This is where it all started! The original club of the group built twenty years ago, Isenhurst Health Club in Cross in Hand is a buzzy, friendly place to train and is renowned for its popular circuit class that takes place three times a week. The studio is also kept busy with a variety of classes including Body Balance, Primal Fitness, HIIT Training, Kettlebells, Yoga, Lifecycle GX Group Cycling, Abs to name but a few.


The club’s 15 metre swimming pool is the only pool in the Heathfield area, but is available to club members only.

In celebration of the club's twentieth year, a brand new Strength & Conditioning studio is being built. Home to a fully functional training rig, the new room will allow members to work on a variety of muscle groups for athletic style training.

Think CrossFit! Weight training classes will now take place in the studio, which has also been equipped with new rowers, Ski Ergs, Aerodyne bikes as well as Plyometric boxes.

This club also has a beauty salon as well as a coffee and lounge area.

Cross in Hand, East Sussex,
TN21 0UE

T: 01435 868616